Welcome to Donation Gandhi

This website is designed to help non-profits with no money and no tech support get their feet on the ground. You need your own website. You need a fantastic way to collect online donations. You need your own social media profiles. We’re here to help.

The following detailed tutorial pages should take you from nothing to a fully-functional online giving website with little technical expertise required. Costs are kept as low as possible, so you only have to pay for your hosting provider and PCI-compliant donation service.

If you have any issues please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we can. We’d LOVE to hear how this site helped you.

  1. Set up your website
    1. Set up a hosting environment and a domain name
    2. Install WordPress
    3. Install FoxyShop
    4. Install theme
    5. Set up Stripe
    6. Create Donation Page
    7. Customize Checkout Page
    8. Activate Stripe and FoxyShop
  2. Set Up Social Media Accounts
    1. Facebook
    2. Twitter
  3. Customize Your Website
    1. Add Your Content
    2. Add Users
    3. Custom Main Menu
    4. Custom Favicon
    5. Custom Header text
    6. Changing Header Picture
    7. Changing Background Color