How to Setup Your Facebook Page From Existing Account

To help get the word out your organization you probably want a Facebook page.

This is very easy to do if you already have a Facebook account. If you do not, click here. Login to your account and then click on the arrow next to your notifications at the top of the screen. In this menu, select “Create Page.”



This will take you a menu where you can choose what type of page you want to make. Click the box that says “Company, Organisation, or Institution.”


That box will turn into this menu.


Select “Non-Profit Organisation” from the drop down menu, type in your company name and then click the box to agree to the Facebook Pages Terms. Once you have done all of that click the “Get Started Button.”


A new page will load and this box will pop up. Enter a description of your organisation and the URL of your website. Then click the Yes circle. Another question will appear below that. Click yes for that question too. Then hit save info. This should move you on to step two: Profile Picture.


If you do not want to upload a picture right now, then hit the gray “Skip” button in the bottom right corner of the box. Do not worry. You can always upload a picture later.

If you want to upload your picture right now, then click upload from computer. A box will pop up. Select your picture and then click “Open.” The picture should upload. Then click next and move on to the next step.


This step allows you to change the Facebook web address of your page. You can change it if you want, but I just stuck with the Facebook suggested URL. When you are finished click “Set Address.” If you do not want to change the URL, then click “Skip.”


This section is Facebook advertising. I am not going to walk you through adding ads to your page, but feel free to click “Add Payment Method” and try it out for yourself. To not advertise, simply click “Skip.”

Your Facebook page is now created. Little boxes will pop up around your screen to show you some of the tools your page has.