Adding and Editing Users

If you have more than one person that you want to be able to make changes to your site then you will need more than one account. Adding a new user is very simple and you can easily change their role in the site.

There are two ways to add new users. You can go through the Dashboard menu or you can use the “+ New” menu in the black bar at the top of the page.



Clicking both of these pulls up the below page in which you give the new user a username, password, email, and role. Remember to click the box to send an email to the new user. That way you do not have to remember and go tell them their password. They will receive it by email.


A user can either be a subscriber, administrator, editor, author, or contributor. Each role has different actions that it can and cannot do. Only the administrator can do everything. Once you have created a user you can also easily change their role. First, go to “All Users” in the Users menu.


Select the users whose roles you want to change and then click the drop down menu and select the role that you want to change them too. To actually change the users’ role you have to click the change button.