Creating a Post on Your Website

There are two different ways to create a post on your website. The first way is the simplest.

When you are logged into your website, there is a black bar at the top of the page. Roll your mouse over “+ New” and this menu will appear.

Click either on “Post” or “+ New.” Both will take you to the create post page.

Type your post and then click the blue button on the right on the screen marked “Publish”

You can also save the post as a draft and come back to it later by clicking “Save Draft” or you can preview the post on your website when you click “Preview.”

The other way you can make a post is through the menu on your Dashboard. Roll over posts and in the menu that shows up click “New Post.”


Then you can again make your new content and publish or save the post.

Congrats. You now can easily make new posts to publish information about your non-profit.