Custom Main Menu

This is your main menu. It it below your header picture. It hold links to all of your pages.


FoxyCart customizes a cart and receipt page for your website, so they will automatically appear in this menu. To keep them out of the menu and to further customize the main menu you can set a custom menu as your main menu. First you have to create the new menu. In your Dashboard menu go to Appearances –> Menus.mainmenu_gettingthere

In this menu, click on the “+” on the far right side of the screen.


This will create a new menu which you need to title and then “Create.”


Once the menu is created you can add the pages that you want in the main menu to it. Somewhere in the list of boxes on the left will be “Pages.” Select the pages you want in your menu and then click “Add to Menu.”



These will show up in the menu screen. You can reorder them if you want, but do not forget to save the menu.


Once you have you menu set up, you have to physically set it as your main menu. Go to your website and roll over the Dashboard link in the black bar at the top. Select “Customize” in the pop down menu.


A gray bar will open up on the left side of your browser. Click on the “Navigation” rectangle.


Then use the drop down menu to select the menu you just created.


Click “Save & Publish” to set the menu as your main menu. Click the close button in the top left and enjoy the new menu.