Customizing Site Header – Picture

Many themes, including our recommended theme for FoxyShop, have a header picture. The theme starts out using some general pictures. This post will tell you how to upload your own site header and personalize your website.

In your Dashboard menu, Roll over appearance and click on “Header”


That will take you to the header appearance menu. Here you can change the picture, and the text color. If you want to change the text go here. Changing the picture is simple. In the below piece of the menu click “Choose File.”


Your file menu should pop up. Navigate though the side bar to the folder you saved you picture in.


Click on your picture and then select “Open.” The picture will upload to the site. The original menu will now have your picture name in the box. Click the upload button to the right of the box.


The picture will upload and take you to a new page where you can crop the picture. The original size of the box looks great with the theme, but you can make it bigger to encapsulate the whole part of the picture you want to appear. If a part of the picture is not inside the box, it will not appear in your header.


Click “Crop and Publish” to save the picture. If you do not want to crop the picture you can click “Skip Cropping, Publish Image as Is.” The page will reload, and a notification will appear at the top telling you that you have changed your header.


Your header is now glorious, but make sure you remember to save everything. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Save Changes.”


Congrats on the new header!