How to Activate FoxyCart and Stripe to Collect Live Donations

If you’re run plenty of tests on your donation page and you’re confident your site is ready to start collecting real, live donations, this page is for you! If you made it this far with the help of this tutorial, please contact Luke Stokes at and let him know you enjoyed this tutorial. We might be able to get you a discount on your account.

First, let’s activate our Stripe Account. Note: this process may take some time in order for your account to be verified with them.

Login to¬†and click on the “live” slider button. Then click Activate account.


Fill out the application form and submit it to Stripe.

stripe_activate_application_1 stripe_application_step2

Now let’s activate your account. Login and click the Start My FoxyCart Subscription button.


Select Monthly (unless you can afford the annual payment, which gives you a discount).


Now complete your FoxyCart checkout.

stripe_pay_for_foxycart_checkout stripe_pay_for_foxycart_checkout_2

Now that your FoxyCart subscription is live, you can go back to and copy your Live API Key.


Then paste the live key in your FoxyCart admin under the payment settings.


Your site is now live, ready to accept donations!