How to Set Up Your Website Hosting and Domain

The first step to having a website is figuring out what domain name you’ll use (hint: most of them are taken). There are many sites you can use for that such asĀ Don’t register a domain, just use the tool to find an appropriate one.

For this tutorial, we’ll set you up at which is currently one of the cheapest hosts available. If you pay for one year, it will run up at just over $70.


Enter your domain name and hit next.


Pick a plan based on your budget. Note that you have to pay up front.


You won’t need any additional features to get started.


Set up your secure password. If you aren’t already using a password management program like 1Password, we highly recommend setting one up.



Be sure to bookmark your BlueHost portal page. This is how you’ll manage your website’s hosting account.


You don’t need their help (they’ll want to charge you).


Continue on to the next step…


Now you’re at your CPanel Main menu. This is the main page for configuring your hosting environment.


Let’s set up your email account. Again, if you aren’t using a password manager like 1Password or Lastpass to generate and save passwords, you may want to look into it.


After you create an email account, you can go to your webmail client provided by Blue Host here:


Feel free to try various webmail clients or set up your own email client, if you have one. This example shows us using horde:


Congratulations! You’ve successfully created a hosting account with Blue Host, obtained a domain name, set up your email address!

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