Installing a WordPress Theme

Installing a WordPress theme is very easy and you can find thousands of themes. For this tutorial, we’ll walk you through installing a very specific theme customized for FoxyShop. Please download it using this link:


It is a slightly modified version of the theme mentioned here¬†because we’ve gone ahead and added code for custom price fields¬†functionality for your donation page along with a couple pages for your checkout and receipt templates.

Now let’s go ahead and install this theme to your fresh WordPress install. Go to your domain /wp-admin where you should see this login screen:


Now go to where themes are managed in the Appearance section, click install a theme and then the upload link:


This is where you’ll upload the starter theme you downloaded above.


The below page will pop up and all you have to do is activate the theme.


Once the theme is activated, you should see it as a theme you can manage:


Congratulations! Your FoxyShop starter theme, configured for a custom donation page is now installed.