How to Change Your Favicon

First off you have to create a favicon file using a internet source and name it favicon.ico.  I used and just uploaded my image.  But you can also use

Then go to your Bluehost home page and click on the cPanel button:


Under cPanel find the File section and click on File Manager:


The file manager will open in a new tab.  On the left side of the screen make sure you have the public_html folder open:


Then upload your favicon.ico file using the below button:


Before uploading your favicon make sure to check the overwrite files box.  To upload your file click the choose file button and find your file.  It uploads automatically:


After you have overwritten the old favicon.ico in Bluehost the favicon for your website. If it has not changed yet, go to your URL/favicon.ico then hit refresh.

Changing the Background Color

To change the background color of your site first click on the appearance tab in your Dashboard menu:


Then click on either of the background links:


EITHER you can then upload an image for your background or choose one from you media library:


OR you can simply change the color.  To change the color you can either type in a  color code (found via the internet) or select a color with the color palette:


Finally don’t forget to save the changes that you made.