Installing and Configuring FoxyShop and FoxyCart

A great tool for ecommerce in WordPress is FoxyShop, a free plugin to the FoxyCart ecommerce platform. This post will walk you though installing FoxyShop and configuring FoxyCart.

To install FoxyShop, search for it from the Plugins menu and click Install Now.


Next, we need to activate the plugin.


Your FoxyShop plugin is now installed!


Now we’ll take a quick pause from this configuration and set up a FoxyCart store.

Go to




Fill out the sign up form to create your account at The screenshot below also shows how you can use a password management system like 1Password to generate a password for your account. You don’t have to have this, but it’s highly recommended. Either way, don’t share or reuse passwords online.



The next step is to create your FoxyCart store.


Next create your default product category. Since you’ll be doing a donation page, you don’t need any shipping.


Then configure a Stripe payment gateway in test mode.


FoxyCart has a few main templates. The cart, checkout, receipt and email receipts. Each one can be configured to start with the standard default theme as shown below.

foxycart_cart_template foxycart_checkout foxycart_receipt

For the email theme, you’ll have to specify an email subject.

foxycart_email_1 foxycart_email_2

Congratulations! You’ve now set up your FoxyCart store! Let’s head back over to our WordPress admin and finish configuring our FoxyShop plugin.


We’ll need to take some settings from FoxyCart and save them in your FoxyShop plugin, and some settings from FoxyShop to save over at FoxyCart.


You can get the FoxyCart subdomain here:


For the Store / Advanced settings, you can paste the copied values from FoxyShop here.


After you save everything, your FoxyShop plugin should be installed.


You’ll also want to configure FoxyShop to support subscriptions for your online donations. You can turn that on here:


That’s it! You’re all set with a powerful online ecommerce platform on your website.

Create a FoxyShop Donation Page

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for. Setting up your own donation page!

Within the FoxyShop plugin, click on adding a new product. Set the base price to 0 and remove the quantity and weight fields.


You’ll also want to add an image for your product.


The goal here is to get a super flexible donation page which will allow your constituents to pick a specific donation amount, specify a custom amount, and decide if they want to give a one-time gift or a recurring gift.


For this product, check the two checkboxes to “Force Immediate Checkout” and “Empty Cart Before Adding Product” as shown below since we won’t really need the modal cart functionality.

To get the donation page functionality we need, we’ll need to set up some specific product variations.


Create a product variation called “Donation” of variation type “Radio Buttons” with the following data:


Next, create a “Single Line of Text” variant named “Donation Amount” and set the “Display Key” to “custom-price”

Important Note: If you’re using FoxyCart 2.0, you’ll want to name the Variation mentioned above “Donation Amount{price}” instead of “Donation Amount” in order to pass the price to your cart properly.

Finally, create a “Drop Down List” variant named “Frequency{sub_frequency}” with these values:

Just Once{v:}
Every 2 Weeks{v:2w}
Every Month{v:1m}

Save the page, and you should be good to go. To add a link to this page in your menu, create a new page in WordPress of format “link” and point it to the url of your products.

Customize FoxyCart Checkout and Receipt Templates

To streamline your constituent’s donation experience, you’ll want a custom checkout and receipt template. Simply create two new pages called “checkout” and “receipt”. The content of the pages should be empty.

Next, go to FoxyShop‘s settings and add “checkout, receipt” to the list of pages that should skip the FoxyCart includes on these pages.


Now go into FoxyShop and click tools. Add the URL to these pages and note, you have to use your site’s domain name, not what is shown here in the picture.


Make sure to click the Update Checkout Cache and Update Receipt Cache buttons. If you make any major changes to your site’s header or footer (such as adding new pages to a menu), you’ll also want to come back here and update these caches again.


How to Activate FoxyCart and Stripe to Collect Live Donations

If you’re run plenty of tests on your donation page and you’re confident your site is ready to start collecting real, live donations, this page is for you! If you made it this far with the help of this tutorial, please contact Luke Stokes at and let him know you enjoyed this tutorial. We might be able to get you a discount on your account.

First, let’s activate our Stripe Account. Note: this process may take some time in order for your account to be verified with them.

Login to and click on the “live” slider button. Then click Activate account.


Fill out the application form and submit it to Stripe.

stripe_activate_application_1 stripe_application_step2

Now let’s activate your account. Login and click the Start My FoxyCart Subscription button.


Select Monthly (unless you can afford the annual payment, which gives you a discount).


Now complete your FoxyCart checkout.

stripe_pay_for_foxycart_checkout stripe_pay_for_foxycart_checkout_2

Now that your FoxyCart subscription is live, you can go back to and copy your Live API Key.


Then paste the live key in your FoxyCart admin under the payment settings.


Your site is now live, ready to accept donations!